About Sobel

Sobel Utveckling (Sobel Development) was founded in 2000 and offers development of individuals, groups and organisations. A specialty is the development of specialists and informal leaders.

My experience as sports coach, management consultant, coach, engineer, sounding board, etc. has lead me to three basic principles:

The value of training. Development efforts will be much more useful when participants have very specific, practical training, based on their everyday lives.

Learning occurs in everyday life. Therefore, courses are on-going between the training events.

Work with real situations. Use the newly gained insights in your everyday life and you get the benefit of them. Use the real situations in learning and they stick. As far as possible, we work with the participants’ own everyday life, and with information that can provide lessons for everyday life.

Lena (the founder) has an background in engineering and has several years as change leader and system developer. As former basketball player at elite level, I also know the importance of training and to focus on high goals, and the team’s importance.